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Service Dog Training

We are proud to provide service dog training in the Triangle area. If you or your loved ones are suffering from physical or mental disorders and are in need of assistance, physically or emotionally, service dog training is an option to consider. We train service dogs for a variety of tasks including PTSD dogs, anxiety dogs, and mobility dogs.

We help individuals who have their own dog they would like to train as a service dog.  As well as those who need help picking out a dog that would be a great prospect for a service dog .  We believe that in order for a service dog team to be truly independent and successful, both the handler and the dog need to understand each other very well. Our program takes that into consideration and makes sure we provide the training and education necessary for the dog and the handler to prosper in their everyday lives.

This is available ONLY to those who have a legitimate disability that can be mitigated with a service dog and that can be attested to by a licensed healthcare professional.

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