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"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen."
― Orhan Pamuk
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Our mission is to help you build a strong and healthy relationship with your dog. We focus on behavior modification and obedience training.
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Dog Training Services

Carolina Canine Advisor is a professional dog training company that offers obedience training, puppy training, rehab aggression, off leash training and service dog training.  We train any breed, any age and behavior!  We are based out of Clayton NC and service the whole Triangle area.  Contact us today for a free phone consultation.

Customized Private Training for You and Your Dog

Does Your Dog Do Any of the Following? 

- Pulls like crazy on walks and doesn't listen around distractions

- Jumps on guests and bounces all over the furniture

Only listens to commands inside the house but not outside

- Barks, lunges, growls or has become unpredictable towards people or dogs on walks

- Puppy nipping, peeing in the house, chewing on and destroying practically anything

- Bolting through doorways or vehicles, counter surfing or other rude behaviors

- Fearful or anxious dog that you don't know how to help?

Just Like People, Our Dogs Each Have Their Own Personalities and Because of That, We Mold Our Training to Fit Each Individual Dog We Train! 

Our training methods vary from dog to dog in order to give each dog the means to achieve a successful, well-balanced lifestyle.
  • We don’t believe in one simple cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all method.
  • We personalize our training methods to fit every dog’s training style.
  • We will utilize whatever tools and techniques necessary for the dog in front of us.

We use positive reinforcement to teach all commands. You don’t work for free, so why should your dog? We give our dogs a “paycheck” in the form of whatever it is that they truly love! Treats, toys, affection, freedom, etc. Whatever it is that your dog really likes and is willing to work for, we will use!
We ensure compliance through the use of negative reinforcement, positive punishment, and negative punishment.  We understand that it’s not realistic to walk around with a pocket full of treats all day everyday, over time we will slowly wean your dog off of treats.  Working with them to be as reliable for you as possible! 

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